ASDA Residential Garbage & Recycling Service

With ASDA’s residential trash & recycling pick up, your trash cans and recycling bins will be set seven to ten feet up alongside your driveway, away from the road and with their lids back on. Any mess left over by mother nature or her furry friends will be cleaned up by our friendly staff in a neat and orderly fashion.

What are Residential Trash & Recycling Service Includes:

〉 Weekly pick up of household trash and recycling materials
〉 12 Large household items per year
» Furniture
» Appliances (not including televisions / computer monitors)
» Mattresses
〉 2 Large recycling bins pick up – provided by ASDA
» 1 for Paper/Cardboard
» 1 for Containers
〉 Up to five normal sized garbage cans (30/40 gallon size) pick up – provided by Resident
〉 Construction Material
» 6 Cans per year
» Each can cannot weigh more than 60lbs
» Material cannot be sticking out of can
〉 If you are in need of more construction material to be disposed of please see for our dumpster services!

Pricing (Quarterly Invoices – 3 month intervals)

› $88.00 per Quarter – That’s it!
» Our price includes fees that other hauler’s charge on top of their normal charge, such as Environmental, Administration fees and fuel surcharges. 
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